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ZF25-1 SAE5 gear for JH non-turbo

Artikelnummer: 129675-81580

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ZF25-1 hydraulische keerkoppeling voor motoren uit de JH-serie zonder turbo of met SAE5 vliegwiel huis. Verkrijgbaar met mechanical- of electronic shift. Minder

ZF 25 Series

  • Reverse reduction marine transmission with hydraulically actuated multi-disc clutches
  • Suitable for high performance applications in luxury motoryachts, sport fishers, express cruisers etc
  • Robust design also withstands continuous duty in workboat applications
  • Fully works tested, reliable and simple to install
  • Design, manufacture and quality control standards comply with ISO 9001
  • Compatible with all types of engines and propulsion systems, including waterjets and surface- piercing propellers, as applicable


  • Lightweight and robust aluminum alloy casing (sea water resistant)
  • Case hardened and precisely ground gear teeth for long life and smooth running
  • Output shaft thrust bearing designed to take maximum propeller thrust astern and ahead
  • Smooth and reliable hydraulic shifting with control lever for attachment of push-pull cable
  • Suitable for twin engine installations (same ratio and torque capacity in ahead or astern mode)
  • Replaceable oil filter cartridge
1.97 ratio M-shift €5396,00
1.97 ratio E-shift €6703,00
2.80 ratio M-shift €5396,00
2.80 ratio E-shift €6703,00
(Sail)drive of keerkoppelingKeerkoppeling
ProductgroepComplete koppeling
Type transmissieHydraulisch, E-shift compatible
Gear angleParallel (rechte uitgang)
Type koppeling/driveZF25-1 SAE5
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